Symbol of the Divine Spirit


That God sent the Holy Spirit to us as a helper after the Ascension of Jesus Christ, is an indication that God wishes us to live and work with the Holy Spirit, as we would do with Jesus Christ, if he were still physically present on earth. God sent the Holy Spirit to us as a constant divine presence, who will always be with us. In sending his Spirit to us, God intended us to enter into contact, into closeness, into communion, into communication, into cooperation, into collaboration, into companionship with the third person of the Divine Trinity. Since he sent the Holy Spirit as an indwelling divine presence, there can be no doubt that God intends that his children here on earth should enter into fellowship with his Spirit. The Scriptures show us that it is God’s will for us to enter into this intimacy and friendship with the Divine Spirit graciously given to us as an interior friend. With the same love that made him send his only begotten Son, God also sent us his Spirit to be our interior intimate friend. Therefore, we reiterate that the Holy Spirit was given to us to be a personal helper, a personal comforter, a personal teacher, a personal advocate, a personal motivator, a personal guide, a personal counsellor, a personal judge, a personal consoler, a personal intercessor and prayer partner, a personal locutor, a personal protector, a personal director.

We recall that the Holy Spirit was given as a personal companion to the apostles and the disciples after Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, in fulfilment of the promise that Jesus made to his followers that he would not leave them orphans, that he would ask the Father to send them ‘another helper’ (Jn. 14:16–20) The Holy Spirit is that ‘other helper’. You can call him the ‘second helper’ from on high. One of the greatly unique things about the Holy Spirit is that he was to be a constant indwelling presence, an indwelling helper not to be taken away from us. We are not to go here or there to find him or reach him. No! Rather, he comes to dwell within us and remains with us. His tabernacle is the soul of the believer, his temple is the soul sanctified.



Since we have the great privilege of making friends with God, then nothing should stop us from befriending this our Divine Helper. There is no doubt that there are many of us who for all their life have not had any direct contact with the Divine Helper which Divine Providence granted to them free of charge. There are many of us who have not for once spoken a word or communed in silence, or in any way at all, with the Eternal Spirit of God, who is accessible to us, in a direct and personal way. There are many who have never thought of or tried in any way to forge a relationship with him. This is tragic and pitiable, because we lose nothing in doing so, but gain eternal divine riches, if we do so. There is also no doubt that the neglect of devotion to the Holy Spirit, is one of the reasons many Christians have no real connection with the divine and have no personal and concrete proof in their lives of the love of God and of that special help from God promised us in the Scriptures.

Everyone is thus, encouraged to befriend this divine helper. It is the way to go! This message is clearly a divine invitation. It is the voice of providence coming in an unusual manner to echo the will of God for interior friendship between us and our divine helper. So, we ought not to ignore it. Do not snub it. If you have been a Christian and you have no encounter or friendship or relationship or devotion or affection, in any way, for the Holy Spirit, which was given to you to be your personal teacher, your personal comforter, your personal helper, your inner-light, your interior peace, then it is really sad! But now you can begin. You can try again. Seek after the Holy Spirit. Learn about him. Invoke him. Invite him into your heart. Ask him to come be your friend. Practice devotion to him. Do Novenas. Do whatever you can do that is good and Godly to begin forging a personal relationship with the Divine Spirit.


The special season of Pentecost is the most favourable time to make contact with the Holy Spirit. It is a holy season appointed unto the Divine Spirit. It is a special time. Use it! But it is not the only time one can make contact with the Holy Spirit. We can seek God and find him anytime of the year. So, rise up! Take a decision! Begin to sanctify your heart. Begin to consecrate yourself. Begin to wash your garments, as Sacred Scripture teaches. Begin to mortify yourself and be devoted as the Holy Church teaches us. Befriend your comforter! Befriend your God! Befriend your Supernatural Advocate! He is the one who gives premonitions. He is the one who gives intuitions. He is the one who gives inspirations! He is the one who gives true wisdom and true peace! He warns us ahead of time. He prepares us ahead of challenges. He works out God’s plan in us. He fulfils our destiny. He is our shield and hedge of protection. He is the halo of glory upon the Saints. He owns the supernatural gifts and the treasures of the spirit. To him belongs the earth and the fullness thereof! Like Jesus, He calls us ‘friends’. (Jn. 15:14–15) So, we can befriend him!

Holy Spirit our Divine Helper


The unseen Spirit is your unseen helper. You cannot see him but you can know him. You cannot touch him but you can hear him. You cannot hug him but you can feel him. You can reach him. You can commune with him. You can adore him. You can befriend him. Though you do not see him, make it a point of obligation to make him present, by inviting him, invoking him, acknowledging him, honouring him. In this way he will be present to you. As on the day of Pentecost, if you prepare for him and invite him, he will come. You can know his presence in many ways. You can feel his fire, his warmth of love, the zeal that comes from on high. You can hear his interior voice and his gentle motivations. You can see his guiding light and divine illuminations. You can experience his tranquil power that undo every evil. You can know that peace which the world cannot give. Though he is invisible, his works, his effects, his fruits, his gifts are visible and palpable.


At the River Jordan, John fulfilled the ritual of cleansing by water, but it was the Spirit which descended from heaven that anointed Jesus and inaugurated his earthly ministry. At the Great Commissioning, when Jesus handed over the batten of the work of salvation to his apostles, he first breathed on them and said: receive the Holy Spirit. At the inauguration of the Apostolic Church, on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended on the first Christians like a mighty wind and empowered them for apostleship. And throughout the ages of the Christian era, it is by means of the same Spirit that God has continued to bring about the ‘new birth’ and the ‘new life’ of the ‘new creation’ in Jesus, the Christ. You cannot do without him. Without him, no one can say: Jesus is Lord. (1Cor. 12:3)

The Holy Spirit is the life-wire and the living principle of the New Covenant. He is the teacher of the new law and the new life. He is the revealer of the hidden things of God. He is the power-house of the Church, who adores him as ‘the Lord, the giver of life’. He is the Prince of the ‘New Israel’ and the Custodian of the ‘New Jerusalem’. He is the Lord of the ‘New Era’ of God’s kingdom. Why would anyone choose to ignore him! Why would anyone not seek him and his many gifts, given freely and graciously! Why would you take less, when you can have more! Why would you not befriend your Divine Helper!

Michael Richmond Duru



Michael Richmond Duru is an Igboman. From Amaulu, Mbieri clan. His Igboland is in the gulf of West Africa. A priest of the Archdiocese of Owerri. Lives in Rome.

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Michael Richmond Duru

Michael Richmond Duru is an Igboman. From Amaulu, Mbieri clan. His Igboland is in the gulf of West Africa. A priest of the Archdiocese of Owerri. Lives in Rome.