Michael Richmond Duru
8 min readJun 4, 2022


Nothing is now hidden. Are there still secrets today? Even occult secrets are now all available on the internet. You can know or see or hear anything that you want to see or read or hear or know. Nothing is safe. Not even bank codes or private passwords. One can stay in the remotest Eastern regions of Africa and steal hidden codes and secrets locked up in computers in the farthest enclaves north of the globe.


Is it not true that man and society has lost the sense of sin? The things that hitherto were not heard of or spoken of in public are now broadcasted on the airways. The things that should be done in privacy or in hiding are now done in the full glare of the public. The things that used to be abominable are now promoted, legalised and even taught in schools to children. In many countries today, by law, a man can decide to become a woman, a woman can marry a fellow woman and become a celebrity for that, a girl can be engaged to and be dating a dog, a mother can kill her baby, a wife can quit her marriage at will, a child can sue his parents. Sin has become common and wide spread.


Today, the world has lost the grace of innocence, just as Adam lost prete-natural grace. That sincere sinlessness, that stainless simplicity and innocent ignorance, that clarity of conscience and cleanness of hands that protects and preserves against all evil, has been lost. Even in children and the young, the loss of innocence is obviously largely lost. ‘The corruption’, they say, ‘of the best, is the worst’. This is among the worst tragedies of the world today in which nothing has been spared untainted and immaculate. The structures of society today deprive even the unborn its God-given innocence, which it snatches away only shortly after birth. The world has lost its virginal hymen, its protective shield — the innocence of children, the naivety of the young, the purity of the upright, the femininity of women, the virtue and virility of men, the holiness of Churchmen, the probity of Statesmen.

Everything seems to have been ruptured. What has happened to the certainty of truth, the objectivity of the mind, the universality of the law, the high honour of religion, the reverence due to God, the sacredness of sex, the sanctity of life, the bond of the family, the rectitude of morals, the spirit of sacrifice, upon which the human civilization of the Christian era was founded? Indeed, there is a sense that the world is deviating and declining into a devolution. The world needs a radical regeneration.


All over and across the world today, violence and bloodshed are a daily phenomenon. One of the strategies of the Devil is the propagation of violence and strife, that lead to misery, destruction and death. In such things you can be sure God is absent. In our time and day, forms of violence and strife hitherto rare or even unknown have become rife and pervasive. Ritual and religious murders, atomic weaponry, biological weaponry, terrorism, outright genocide and ethnic cleansing, foeticide and infanticide, political assassinations, cults and violent gangs, kidnapping, and the likes are now daily news. Today, technology-assisted violence, such as cyber stalking or social media bullying, gender violence and sexual abuses, domestic violence, child abuse or the economic exploitation of persons, trauma, molestation and other forms of psychological or emotional violations have also increased.

Mass shooting and street stabbing are not infrequent, even in the sophisticated societies of the Western world. There has been fighting in Yemen since the year 2015; since the Syrian Day of Rage of March 11 2011, war has been raging in Syria; since 2002 Boko Haram has continued to murder innocent human beings in Northern Nigeria and other parts of the West African Sub-Region, just to mention a few. Like the sword that would never depart from the house of David, since the infamous Reign of Terror of 5th September 1793 to 28th July 1794, when the Revolutionary Government of France unleashed terror on persons perceived as enemies of the French Revolution, sponsored terrorism has never left the world. Humanity seems to be at war with itself.


Barely every area of human endeavour has been given a sexual touch and made sex-compliant. Sex has made itself or has been made the goddess of modernity. So, it is that sex has now invaded everywhere and everything, including the sacred space, maybe even the sanctuary and the cloister. The sexualization of womanhood advocated and achieved by the sexual liberation agenda of Radical Feminism in particular and ideological Liberalism in general, has also achieved the sexualization of the girl child. But appended to the sexual revolution were the hydra headed issues of pornography, promiscuity, prostitution, paedophilia, masturbation, homosexuality, bestiality, contraception, abortion, public nudity and indecency, such likes.

Today, the world has been caught up in this web of evil. The social movement of the Sexual Revolution has also arrived and even moved beyond the point of the commercialization of sex. Sex has long been made a market commodity, sold and bought, with utmost ease, in the free market of the internet and on the streets of Douglas Road Owerri or of Las Vegas — the city of sin — or anywhere at all. But the wheel of the revolution has not been halted. It looks like it is destined for the drills of the eternal abyss. God forbid! Today, sadly, sex has been made a maker of class and a criterion of quality; so that people must become ‘sexy’ for them to count and everything must look ‘sexy’ for it to sale — fashion, films, cosmetics, comedy, computers, sandals, shoes, automobiles, restaurants, games. Even mothers wish to have ‘sexy’ babies. The intoxication is so massive that it can only be demonic. May the Lord deliver us from this massive evil.


The conspiracy against God in the world today is as clear as day. Most of the leaders of the world and others who influence global affairs today, are evidently determined to build a world without God. In most civilized societies, God and the God-factor have been expelled from public affairs. Western civilization is viciously being stripped of its Christian underpinnings. Nations are literally being undressed of the dignity of their Christian identity. In June 2007, Barack Obama declared that ‘America is no longer a Christian nation’. Here is a complaint that the Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI made in his essay Europe and Its Discontents, in January 2006: ‘In European society today, thank goodness, anyone who dishonours the faith of Israel, its image of God, or its great figures must pay a fine. The same holds true for anyone who dishonours the Koran and the convictions of Islam. But when it comes to Jesus Christ and that which is sacred to Christians, freedom of speech becomes the supreme good’. He cried out to Europe saying: ‘a world without God has no future’. This is true, not only for Europe but for the whole world. Soon, godless humanity will realise that it has only built on sand.


During the French Revolution, which lasted from 1789 to 1799, at the French Revolutionary Parliament, the Socialist Parliamentarians, who voted for the bloody revolution and stood for such interests antithetical to traditional institutions as the Hierarchy, Monarchy and Aristocracy, sat to the left of the presiding officer. It was at the French Revolutionary Parliament, that the political ‘left’ was born, with Socialism and Communism as its principal flagbearers, at least at that time. Today, a vivid exemplification of the political ‘left’ is the Democratic Party of the United States of America. However, to understand what the political left typically stands for, it would be helpful to go back to the motives and invectives of the French Revolution, from which it came to birth.

The goal of the French Revolution was to overthrow both throne and altar. It was an attack on divine and ecclesial authority, just as it was an attack on monarchy and royal authority. In its desire to enthrone the ‘Rights of Man’ was also hidden the ploy to dethrone the ‘Rights of God’; its mantra of ‘liberty, freedom and equality’ is also a protest against the divine order and the birth of a new order in which God is absent and in which man is his own law giver. The spirit behind the French Revolution — the Masonic agenda to dethrone God and the Humanist agenda to enthrone Man — is still rife today. Though Socialism and Bolshevism may no longer be openly advocated, the fruits are still the same. God is traded for Liberty, Truth is traded for Freedom, Authority is traded for Equality. The Divine Will of the reator is ignored. This is the case in many parts of the world today as the political ‘left’ continues to rise and rule over nations.


Tension continues to rise in the Middle East. Since the war of the Unification of Saudi Arabia in 1902 till date, the Middle East has technically remained in a state of war, a theatre of conflict, with the resultant carnage and wastage of human lives, whose eternal destiny are only known to God. Since 1967 when the Middle East War ended over fifteen different attempts have been made by world leaders to bring lasting peace to the Middle East all to no avail. The Middle East, the prideful Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia, has ironically remained a bloody region. The Middle East was the theatre and battleground of World War I and a major player in World War III. Biblical and Apocalyptic scholars agree that the Middle East will be a major factor in the Great Battle that would precede and possible herald the end time and the new era of peace, Announced by the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures and prophesied by the Saints of our time. The Middle East is indeed a place to watch!

Michael Richmond Duru
4th June 2022



Michael Richmond Duru

Michael Richmond Duru is an Igboman. From Amaulu, Mbieri clan. His Igboland is in the gulf of West Africa. A priest of the Archdiocese of Owerri. Lives in Rome.